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EB5 Visa, Investing in the American Dream: The Benefits and Challenges of the EB-5 Visa Program

The EB-5 visa program offers foreign investors a path to permanent residency in the US by investing a minimum of $500,000 in a qualified business or development project. The program creates jobs for US workers, is open to all countries, and is popular among Chinese investors.

Benefits include the ability to live and work in the US, invest in a business and apply for permanent residency for the investor and their family. However, the program has its challenges such as high investment, complex application process and waiting time for decision.

Consulting an experienced EB-5 immigration lawyer can help navigate the process and increase chances of success.

EB-5 Visa about

EB 5 visa is included in the immigrant visa class. Therefore, successful candidates are eligible to receive a green card. To qualify for this visa, you must make a minimum investment of $800,000.

With the EB 5 , you can invest in the United States and obtain a Green Card for yourself, your spouse, and your family. You can check the details on the official US website https://www.uscis.gov/eb-5.

Recommendation: Obtaining an investor and immigrant visa for the US has some very serious and demanding conditions. Mistakes made can result in irreversible consequences. In this context, it is extremely important to work with a professional EB-5 visa lawyer

What is the EB 5 Visa?

The EB 5 visa is an immigrant visa for investors, entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business in the United States. To qualify for this visa, you must make a minimum investment of $800,000. If your investment is not located in an “targeted employment area” which is an economically weak region, you will need to make an investment of $1,050,000. You can access and review the English source from here.

In addition to the required minimum amount of investment, the business in which the investment is made must create 10 full-time jobs for American workers. The business must also be a profit-making commercial enterprise. Real estate investments and non-profit organizations are not suitable for EB 5.

Which regions can be invested in?

An EB 5 immigrant investor visa holder can make a direct investment or invest in a regional center. Regional centers are specialized companies that collect investment funds from multiple EB 5 investors to provide funding for a large-scale project, such as a facility or apartment complex. A direct investment is any investment that is not made in a regional center. Examples of direct investments include starting your own business or buying an existing one.

How to obtain a Green Card with EB 5?

The process of obtaining a green card consists of two main steps.

First, you can qualify for a green card by demonstrating that you have been residing permanently for 2 years and have officially created 10 job opportunities and invested your capital in America.


It is an immigrant visa for investors and entrepreneurs. To get visa approval, you need to invest in a US company and create jobs for American workers. With this visa, you can obtain a green card for yourself, your spouse, and your children.

What does the EB 5 Visa offer?

  • The EB 5 visa is an immigrant visa category, so as a successful EB 5 applicant, you can obtain your green card.
  • As an EB 5 investor, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old can also become eligible for a green card.
  • Your children will have access to education in the US.
  • As an approved EB 5 investor immigrant visa holder, you can work in any occupation.
  • There are no restrictions on living and working anywhere in the United States.
  • You are also able to work in the US without having to apply for a work permit.

How to apply for an EB 5 visa in the United States and what are the requirements?

 To qualify for the visa:

  • You must make an investment in a “new commercial enterprise”
  • The investment amount must be at least $800,000. (If the investment is not in a “targeted employment area,” you will need to make an investment of $1,050,000.)
  • The investment must create at least 10 full-time jobs.
  • Your investment funds must be “at risk”.
  • The funds used for the investment must not be obtained illegally.
  • You must be actively involved in the management of the new commercial enterprise.
  • To qualify, you can: Start a new business Invest in an existing business Buy an existing business Invest in a regional center.

What is a Targeted Employment Area?

  • A targeted employment area is an area with high unemployment or (as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act) a rural area.
  • A high unemployment area is an area with an unemployment rate at least 150% of the national average unemployment rate.
  • A rural area is an area that is not located in a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and has a population of less than 20,000 as a city or town.
  • To qualify for the reduced investment amount, the new commercial enterprise must primarily do business in a targeted employment area.
  • A business primarily operates in an area where it “regularly, systematically, and continuously engages in the active conduct of trade or business that primarily creates jobs.

What is a Regional Center?

  • A regional center is a business that is authorized by USCIS to raise capital from multiple American EB 5 investors for the development of a project.
  • Regional centers promote economic growth, regional productivity and job creation. They typically develop large-scale hotels, resort villages and other real estate projects.

What is the process of obtaining an American EB 5 visa?

Step 1 – Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

The first step in the application process is to hire an immigration lawyer who is well-versed in American EB 5 cases.

Your lawyer can help you determine if the EB 5 visa is the right option for you based on your immigration goals and conditions.

Your lawyer will work as your partner throughout the EB 5 process, analyzing your EB 5 investment from an immigration compliance perspective and preparing all the necessary documents to ensure you meet all EB 5 visa requirements.

Step 2 – Choosing an Investment

Choosing an EB 5 investment If you need investment advice, you can consider a Registered Investment Advisor.

Your lawyer will assist you in ensuring that the investment meets the immigration requirements of the EB 5 visa program.

Step 3 – Transferring your Funds to the Business

Invest your funds in the new commercial enterprise.

When filling out the I-526 Form (take a look at the pdf format of the form), you must show that you have made the investment or are actively in the process of transferring capital to the new commercial enterprise.

Step 4 – Filing Form I-526

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, your lawyer will file the I-526 Form on your behalf.

If your I-526 is approved, you can apply for conditional permanent residence (a 2-year conditional green card).

Step 5 – Filing Form I-829

After 21 months of conditional permanent residence, you have the right to file Form I-829 with your lawyer.

Form I-829 allows you to change from conditional to permanent status.

If you meet all the requirements of the American EB 5 program, you may be eligible to remove the conditions on your green card, which must demonstrate that you have sustained your investment in the project and created at least 10 full-time jobs.

Step 6 – Acceptance of Citizenship (Optional)

After at least 5 years of permanent residence, you may apply for acceptance of citizenship and become a citizen of the United States.

What documents should I include in my EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa application?

Including the right documents in your EB-5 petition is crucial for a successful outcome!

  • A experienced immigration attorney will help you organize and decide on the documents to be included.
  • This is a very detailed process and the documents you need to include will depend on the specifics of your situation.
  • The documents that will be included in your petition will be grouped around three main categories: 1. Investor; 2. Business; and 3. Source and path of funds.
  • The documents you need to include in your application will depend on how you obtained your investment funds. Also, it will depend on where your funds went from the time they were obtained until the time they were invested in the EB-5 project.
  • For example, if you obtained your funds from the sale of a property, you will have to include different documents than if you received them as a gift.
  • One more thing to keep in mind: all documents submitted to USCIS must be translated into English.
  • Disclaimer: The list below is not a complete list of all the documents that need to be included in an EB-5 application. This list’s purpose is to give you an idea of the documents that need to be included.

Documents Related to the Investor:

Copy of the investor’s passport identity page

Copy of the investor’s foreign birth certificate

Resume of the investor

Copies of all diplomas, degrees, awards, and professional certificates Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable) Copy of Social Security card (if applicable)”

Documents related to the Business:

Comprehensive business plan

Forms W-2 and I-9 for already hired employees

Payroll records

List of employees and corresponding job descriptions

Commercial business documents

Corporate charter

Articles of organization (for an LLC)


List of shareholders

Partnership agreement

List of limited partners

Business agreement, etc.

Documents related to the source and path of funds:

Copies of individual tax returns for the past 5 years

Copies of bank statements before and after the investment in the new commercial enterprise

Copy of wire transfer instruction from the investor’s personal account to the EB 5 business account

If your funds are from the sale of a property:

Copy of the purchase and sale agreement for the property

Letter of confirmation of sale terms from the party managing the sale

Copy of the approved check or buyer’s bank wire transfer (for the purchase)

Documents related to the source and path of funds:

Copies of personal tax returns for the past 5 years

Copies of bank statements before and after investment in the new commercial enterprise

Copy of wire transfer order from the investor’s personal account to the EB 5 business account

If your funds come from a property sale:

Copy of purchase and sale agreement for the property

Letter from the party managing the sale confirming the sale conditions

Copy of certified check or buyer’s bank wire (for purchase)

If your funds come from owning a business:

Copies of the company’s balance sheets for the past few years

Copies of the company’s articles of incorporation or company agreement

Copies of the company’s corporate tax returns for the past few years

Letter from the company’s accountant or investor stating the income earned by the company in the past few years

Letters describing the investors’ work history, duties, positions within the company, salaries, etc.

If your funds come from a loan:

Copy of the actual loan document

Letter from the lender to the EB 5 investor, stating the amount of the loan, the date of the loan, what collateral or security was given in exchange for the loan, etc.

Copy of the bank statement showing the credit income to the EB 5 investor

If the lender is not a bank and a person, include all documents showing the legal source of funds for the lender.

If your funds come from a gift:

Letter from the person giving the gift stating the amount of the gift, gift conditions (if any), gift date, etc.

Investor account statement showing payment of the gift income.

Documents showing the legal source of funds for the person giving the gift.

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